2017 Treatment and Chemistry Offerings!


  • Jumpstart LCO: $14.95/Bag (Seed applied) **Comes standard on ALL new 2017 Corn Products
  • QuickRoots: $14.95/bag (Planter box application. Talc based product)
  • Invigor8: $19.95/bag (Seed Applied)
  • Generate: $7.95/acre (Foliar Applied)


  • Acceleron Elite: $16.95/bag I+F+Poncho Votivo (Seed applied)
  • Acceleron Standard:  $11.95/bag I+F (Seed applied)
  • TagTeam LCO: $3.95/bag (Seed applied)
  • QuickRoots: $6.95/bag (Seed applied)
  • Harpin: $2.43/bag (Seed applied)
  • Generate: $7.95/acre (Foliar Applied)
Arial View of Farm Field Plots
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