GDU Update (6-20-12)

By Johnny | June 20, 2012

We have added a photo to our update to show how much the corn is growing each week as well. As you can see, this week the corn is just below the 4′ line on the board. The corn in the photo is DKC 53-78 located just north of Redwood Falls. Current GDU’s based on […]

Assessing Hail-Damage

By Johnny | June 20, 2012

Recent storms have left a number of fields with hail-damage. An article from the University of Minnesota that was released this week can help you evaluate the damage and to help make decisions regarding replants or to answer questions you have regarding yield loss. Click here to view the article.   Sources: University of Minnesota, […]

GDU UPDATE (6-13-12)

By Johnny | June 13, 2012

Current GDU’s based on the Larson Seeds Weather Station. We have added multiple starting dates to give you an idea of how many GDU’s you have based on your planting dates. April 11th- June 13th= 771 GDU’s April 20th- June 13th= 727 GDU’s May 1st- June 13th= 657 GDU’s May 15th- June 13th= 488 GDU’s […]

Insect Hatching Forecast

By Johnny | June 12, 2012

Corn Rootworm: Corn rootworm hatch is expected to continue through the next week across much of the corn-growing region. Fields in northeast Colorado, Nebraska, northern Kansas, Iowa, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern and central Illinois and Indiana, Ohio… Read More from View the Insect Forecast Map, Click Here

June Growing Knowledge – A Key Source for Local Agronomic Information

By Jack Larson Seeds | June 6, 2012

View the latest Growing Knowledge – A Key Source for Local Agronomic Information Determine if Corn Needs Supplemental Nitrogen, Avoid Corn Injury with POST Emergence Herbicides in Corn, Timing POST Herbicide in Corn and Soybeans and more! Click Here to read the full article (PDF)

Warrant Herbicide Offers Residual Weed Control in Soybeans

By Jack Larson Seeds | May 30, 2012

Warrant Herbicide is an encapsulated acetochlor-based, post-emergent herbicide for use over the top of soybeans.  It offers the residual control of tough weeds expected from acetochlor, in a formulation that is safe to apply post emergence (POST) in soybeans. Click Here to read the full article (PDF) Source: Monsanto Weed Management Solution

Corn Response to Post-Emergence Herbicide Applications

By Jack Larson Seeds | May 30, 2012

Post-emergence herbicide tank mixtures are an important element of integrated weed management of tough-to-control broad leaf weeds in corn.  Environmental conditions, such as those that have favored development of thin cuticles on the leaf surfaces of corn this spring influence the absorption of post-emergence herbicides and potential crop tolerance.  Warm, humid conditions promote rapid absorption […]

Nitrogen Management for Corn Acres

By Jack Larson Seeds | May 15, 2012

In Minnesota, corn is grown on more acres than any other crop.  Minnesota ranks among the Top 5 nationally in corn production. Economics are driving more acres of corn on corn than ever before, which raises concerns in regard to Nutrient Management, Residue Management, Tillage Practices, etc… Recent Winter Meetings have focused on fertilization for […]

NEW products to watch in the 2012 Field Trials

By Jack Larson Seeds | May 15, 2012

It is always great to listen to our product development people talk about the new products that we will have coming thru the pipeline. Now I know that it is another year away before you will get to plant these products on your farm but you can see them this year in the plots! So […]

Crop Insurance Q&A

By Jack Larson Seeds | February 15, 2012

As my Dad stated in his article, we will be providing a Crop Insurance Q&A session on FEBRUARY 20th, 2012. We will have two separate sessions (10:00am-NOON & 12:30pm-2:30pm). With the Crop Insurance Sales Closing Date of March 15th, we thought that it would be great to get everyone’s questions answered before finalizing coverage levels, […]