Seed Treatments

2024 Treatment and Chemistry Offerings!


  • Jumpstart: $15.95/unit (Seed applied)
  • QuickRoots: $12.00/unit (Planter box application. Talc based product)
  • Ratchet: $5.00/acre
  • Pivot Bio Proven 40: Contact Us!!!
  • Pivot Bio Proven 40os: Contact Us!!!


  • Acceleron Basic: $5.95/unit Fungicide Only (Seed applied)
  • Acceleron Standard:  $10.95/unit I+F (Seed applied)
  • TagTeam LCO (TTLCO): $5.00/unit (Seed applied)
  • ILEVO (Nematode): $6.00/unit (Seed applied)
  • ILEVO (SDS): $12.00/unit (Seed applied)
  • Heads Up (White Mold): $2.00/unit
  • I+F+TTLCO+ILEVO (0.50 rate ILEVO): $20.95/unit
  • I+F+TTLCO+ILEVO (0.75 Rate ILEVO): $23.50/unit
  • I+F+TTLCO+ILEVO (1.00 Full Rate ILEVO): $25.95/unit                        (Larson Complete Package)
  • Ratchet: $5.00/acre
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Pivot Bio Proven40
Pivot Bio Proven40os
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